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Your business depends on operational efficiency.  Investing in the wrong equipment for your facility is a waste of production time.  All of the products we sell meet our high standards for quality.  We guarantee that our industrial-grade products will withstand your most rigorous applications.

We know that when you have a breakdown somewhere in your production line, you're losing revenue, time, and confidence.  That's why we have always kept a large inventory.  In fact, we probably have the largest inventory of industrial supplies in West Texas.  This makes us an agile partner for you. 

Want to learn more about what Lubbock Electric can do for you?  Read about our lighting and power transmission solutions below and get in touch with our team.

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LED LightingWant a quick way to boost your bottom line?  Replace your conventional lighting fixtures with LED lighting.  LEDs (light emitting diodes) produce the most cost-effective lighting.  Additionally, LED lights boast an impressive rated lamp life of 75,000 to 100,000 hours or more.  Compare that to just 20,000 hours for metal halide lamps or 35,000 hours for fluorescent lamps.

Here are other advantages of LED lighting:

  • No Wait Time for Lights to "Heat Up"
  • Lightweight and Vibration-Resistant
  • Less Heat Generated (Saves Money on Air Conditioning)
  • No Flickering or Humming
  • Very Little Radiation

Lighting is a critical investment for your business. Let us help you select the correct LED replacements for your facility. When you purchase LED lights from Lubbock Electric, the products, installation, and servicing are always guaranteed.

Ask Lubbock Electric to perform an energy-savings and payback analysis for your plant today.

Carlisle V BeltsWith over 900 units in stock, we have the largest inventory of power transmission belts in West Texas. We keep large numbers of A, B, and C v-belts; BP and CP wrapped v-belts; AX, BX, and CX cog v-belts, BB and CC double angle v-belts; 3VX and 5VX cog v-belts; 8M and 14M HTD belts; 3L, 4L, and 5L light-duty v-belts; cotton cleaner belts; and XL, L, and H timing belts.  If you need a belt right away, you should call Lubbock Electric first.

Prefer online shopping?  Check out our online selection of v-belts and timing belts.

We are power transmission experts.  If we don't have what you need in our warehouse, we know how to get it quickly.  You can order any kind of industrial belt with us.

belts and sheaves transparentNext to our endless stock of belts is an ample supply of sheaves and bushings (also called "hubs").  While we can supply you with taper lock bushings and sheaves or blank bore sheaves, we do not carry them in our inventory.  Instead, we focus on maintaining a sizable stock of QD (quick detachable) bushings and sheaves.  We have a large selection of B and C sheaves up to 8 grooves and a few A, 3V, and 5V sheaves.  We carry JA to F QD bushings in almost every bore size.

Prefer online shopping?  Check out our online selection of sheaves and bushings.

If you need a bushing for your Browning sprocket, you're in luck.  We have a good number of Browning bushings in our warehouse too.

Chain and Sprocket Drive If you're looking for single and double QD-style sprockets that fit #40 to #80 chain, we have them in all sizes in our warehouse.  Call Lubbock Electric and you'll get what you need quickly.  We also carry non-QD-style Browning sprockets that pair with Browning hubs and a few blank bore and bored-to-size sprockets.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you order any style sprocket or chain even if we don't regularly carry it in stock.  Additionally, our machine shop has experience in boring sprockets to size.

Prefer online shopping?  Check out our online selection of sprockets and chain.

FYH Pillow Block BearingWe keep a handy stock of insert bearings, pillow block bearings, and four-bolt flange bearings in our warehouse from FYH, Fafnir, and Browning.  If we don't have what you are looking for in our inventory, we know how to get it for you.  Always check with Lubbock Electric first and have your desired product number ready.

Prefer online shopping?  Check out our online selection of FYH bearings, Fafnir bearings, and Baldor•Dodge bearings.

Browning Right Angle GearboxGearboxes (also referred to as gear reducers or speed reducers) are power transmission devices that reduce the output speed of a motor and increase the torque on the machine being driven.  There is a variety of gear arrangment options (spur, bevel, spiral, helical, and worm gears), and there are different shaft alignment options (inline, parallel, and right angle). 

When ordering a gearbox, tell us about the application and the gear ratio needed.  We can also help you determine the appropriate gear ratio and belt drive you need to meet the RPM required for a new application.Sumitomo Helical Buddybox

We keep a ready stock of right angle gearboxes, inline gearboxes, and Sumitomo Buddyboxes.  However, our experienced staff can help you order any kind of gearbox.  We also sell gear oil, so contact Lubbock Electric for all of your gear reducing needs.

Worldwide Electric Shaft Mount Speed ReducerLike gearboxes, shaft mount speed reducers reduce the output speed of a motor to match a desired RPM.  Unlinke most gearboxes, these speed reducers are mounted directly on the input shaft of the driven machine and are connected to the motor by a belt or chain drive.

We always keep a large number of shaft mount reducers in our warehouse.  If you do not know what gear ratio you need, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right ratio and drive to meet your RPM needs.  We also sell speed reducer oil, so contact Lubbock Electric for all of your gear reducing needs.  We've got you covered.

pd blowerWhen transporting bulk material through your plant, pneumatic conveying is often an economical and practical option.  In a cotton gin, this is the preferred means of transporting cotton seed.  Lubbock Electric has extensive experience both repairing and sizing seed blowers for cotton gins.  Whether you need to replace your pneumatic blower or are looking to boost conveying speed in your plant, our staff will assist you in selecting the blower you need.  With the material density, conveying distance, vertical duct height, and desired pounds per hour speed, we'll calculate the blower size.  Don't waste time with the wrong equipment.  Make sure you consult with our experts before making an investment in your plant.

coffing electric hoist transparentWe have a hoist specialist on staff who can help you select the most appropriate hoist for your application.  We can provide you with manual, electric, and air-powered hoists with chain or wire rope up to a lifting capacity of 25 tons.  Provide us with the voltage, desired speed, lifting capacity required, and lfiting height.  If needed, our team can perform a facility inspection to make sure you get the right solution.

In addition to hoists, we can supply you with new trolleys and end trucks for your cranes.  We're also here for you if you need expert installation backed by Lubbock Electric's service guarantee.



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