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Are your pumps generating abnormal noise?  Are you losing flow?

We can find the problem, and we can help you fix it.

Hydraulic systems are exceptionally effective at operating heavy equipment with constant force and accurate control.  On the other hand, they are prone to costly failures.  The chief causes of hydraulic problems are well known:  fluid contamination, over-pressurization, aeration, cavitation, excessive heat, and internal or external leakage.

Take these four steps to prevent hydraulic failures:

  1. Filter hydraulic oil
  2. Keep fluid temperatures low
  3. Replace gear pumps with vane pumps
  4. Make sure pump intake lines and clamps are in good condition

Talk to our team of hydraulics experts about troubles your plant has experienced to get the most suitable solution for your unique needs.

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Denison Double Vane PumpWe keep a ready stock of single stage, two stage, and three stage vane pumps, but we can also order piston pumps and specialty pumps.  In general, we recommend the use of vane pumps over gear pumps.  Gear pumps, while economical, have a shorter operating life and are not cost-effective to repair.  Additionally, the gears wear over time, which causes internal leakage and a loss in efficiency.  Comparatively, vane pumps are the simplest to repair and boast a longer service life.  On top of that, the risk of leakage is significantly lower because the internal sliding vanes automatically adjust to maintain perfect clearance.

Piston pumps are recommended alongside vane pumps when the application demands higher pressure capabilities (above 4,000 psi or 275 bar).

Parker Hydraulic FilterHydraulic ValveThe primary cause of hydraulic equipment breakdowns is fluid contamination.  Foreign contaminants in hydraulic fluid impede operational efficiency, cause corrosion, change the viscosity of the fluid, and accelerate wear and tear.  Correctly sized, installed, and maintained hydraulic filters play a vital role in preventive maintenance.  Our hydraulics team can assist you in selecting and installing the proper filters for your hydraulic system.

Hydraulic valves direct the flow within a hydraulic circuit.  We can equip your system with check valves, lock valves, directional control valves, selector valves, flow valves, or any other kind of valve.

hydraulic clampHydraulic pipe clamps provide bracing and correct positioning for hydraulic lines.  They decrease the risk of downtime in two key ways:  reducing mechanical vibration and preventing aeration through the pump's inlet.

Lubbock Electric is one of the only shops in West Texas that regularly sells and keeps an inventory of pipe clamps.  Make sure that you always check with us when you need hydraulic equipment.

asa oil cooler 0567 Need greater speed in your hydraulic lines?  We can help!  However, greater speed means that more heat will be generated.  It is imperative that your system include oil coolers to control fluid temperature.  Fluid temperatures above 180°F (82°C) can damage seals, impair system components, and accelerate degradation of the fluid.

LECO SmartFlow LogoThe hydraulics team at Lubbock Electric specializes in hydraulic systems for cotton gins.  We can provide upgrades to existing power units or build custom Gin Press, Ram, Tramper, and Pusher power units with our uniquely engineered SmartFlow™ technology.

We have ample experience building simple pumping units for other applications, like trash compacting.  If you are looking for another company to place a bid for your project, we invite you to contact our team.



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