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Serving cotton gins is our bread and butter.  Our mission is to prevent and quickly resolve downtime in your gin.

Data acquisition, master gin consoles, burners, hydraulic pumps, seed scales... Our solutions for cotton gins may seem different, but they all share common themes:

We design all of our controls around protecting and prolonging the life of your motors.  Cotton gins burn out motors rapidly during gin season, so we work to help you protect your assets.

We integrate our technology with your existing equipment, no matter what brand it is.  When all you want is a simple upgrade and other companies require replacing the entire system with their brand, you'll have a second, flexible option with Lubbock Electric.

We put the power of automation and remote monitoring in your gin, reducing your labor costs and increasing employee safety.  Plus, with more data in your fingertips, you'll have the power to take action that prevents loss and downtime.

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LECO EAGLSYS ScreenThe Electronically Acquired Gin Ledger System® (EAGL.SYS®) from Lubbock Electric is the most comprehensive and advanced data acquisition program for cotton gins.  EAGL.SYS® offers accurate bale counting, downtime monitoring, customer data reporting, automated loading, and energy monitoring.

  • Simple, point-and-click menu navigation
  • Streamlined "Call In" and "Weigh In process
  • "Bales Per Hour" data reported in real time
  • Bale weights and seed weights collected electronically
  • Customer modules tracked and categorized automatically
  • LECO EAGLSYS PC ScreenData backed up frequently and automatically
  • Downtime reports
  • Powerful custom reports
  • Version available for dual-press cotton gins
  • Integration with energy monitoring programs possible
  • Easy-to-read reports

All of these features and more come together to provide your gin with real-time, actionable data.  EAGL.SYS® can be further enhanced by our Unmanned Scale Attendant™ (U.S.A. Option), which guides the truck loading process automatically, and by an EAGL.SYS® app for your customers.  Talk to our team today about how EAGL.SYS® can help your gin reach new heights.

Hydraulics Schematic with LogoAre you looking to boost output and speed in your cotton gin?  Are you using outdated hydraulic power units with your press?  It's time for an upgrade.  With Lubbock Electric, you'll work with a trusted gin partner that can handle everything: pumps, tanks, motors, custom press console, and electrical work.  Plus, our SmartFlow™ Power Units are compatible with any brand, so you won't have to replace your press.

SmartFlow™ Design Features:

  • Flooded suction design eliminates cavitation, which causes damage to pumps.
  • SmartFlow™ utilizes unique baffling technology to filter out contaminants.
  • Three-stage vane pumps allow for more oil and more speed.
  • Controls for Ram and Tramper Temperature and oil coolers offer complete control over oil temperatures.
  • Flexible hoses simplify maintenance, repairs, and pump replacement.
  • C-face adaptors prevent damage to oil seals or bearings caused by poor alignment of pumps and motors.

LEC 100XD transparentBecause seed weights vary widely, the best way to protect your bottom line and be fair to your customers is to weigh your seed.  Consider ordering your scale from Lubbock Electric, the originators of the double hopper design.  We continuously make improvements to keep our scales up-to-date with the latest in measurement technology and programmable controls.

Our LEC-100XD, LEC-150, and LEC-200 models offer smooth, automated  operations.  Touch screen controls give you complete control over the scales, display current and previous 12 seed weights, and allow you to adjust set points.  The controls are internet-capable, which means that our team can troubleshoot your seed scale remotely over a VPN.  Moreover, LECO seed scales can be integrated with EAGL.SYS® or any other data acquisition program.

LEC 200 transparentHow are new models of seed scales different?

  • Upgraded design with 4 load cells for more precise measurements
  • Redesigned doors with dual air cylinders for fewer breakdowns and greater longevity

Talk to our team about adding a seed scale to your production line, upgrading your LEC-100, or outfitting your scale with a Dust Cover. 

swisher gin consoleIf your machine controls are located throughout your plant, a simple way to cut down on labor and improve safety is to consolidate existing controls into one location.  A custom master gin console from Lubbock Electric gives you advanced control over every motor in your gin from a single location and empowers your staff to take action quickly.

  • Get state-of-the-art control over your gin
  • Consolidate all of your existing controls in one logically arranged location
  • Protect your employees with the safety features of master control buttons
  • Be alerted to problematic conditions, such as a motor tripping
  • Add touch screen diagnostics for quick trouble-shooting
  • Add interlocking to minimize choke-ups
  • Add shaft-monitoring in out-of-sight locations
  • Add current monitoring for motor overload conditions
  • Enjoy the benefits of sequential starting and stopping
  • Get rid of the massive bundle of control wiring running under the floor
  • Have remote support over a VPN available

We can also incorporate your existing burner controls, moisture controls, module feeder controls, feed control speed pots, auto overflow speed pots, wye valve selector switches, remote seed indicators, or any other devices you are currently using to operate the gin.  Talk to Lubbock Electric today about how we can retrofit your gin with advanced master controls.

LECO MasterFlow III ScreenLubbock Electric's MasterFlow™ III Gin Stand Control takes advantage of advances in touch screen and programmable controller technology to enhance your ability to control your gin stands remotely and protect your equipment.

  • Automatic load sensing and motor overload protection
  • Automatic feeder speed control
  • Automatic breast operation
  • Internet-capable for remote monitoring and control
  • Larger intuitive touch screen interface
  • "Motor Test" screen to check motors offline
  • Enhanced "Diagnostics" screen for troubleshooting
  • Compatibility with DC or AC feed motors

LECO Press ConsoleAs output in your cotton gin increases, the need for more powerful and faster controls and monitoring also grows.  That's why more gins are installing Lubbock Electric's Press Console, which uses the latest programmable controls for faster scan times and unprecendented versatility.  These controls are internet-capable, so gin managers can monitor equipment and change programs from their office computer.

A LECO Press Console gives you control over

  • The Belt Feed
  • The Pusher
  • LECO Press Diagnostic ScreenThe Tramper
  • The Press Turner
  • The Top and Bottom Rams
  • Bale Handling
  • Bagging

LECO Press Consoles are compatible with any press and can be customized to incorporate EAGL.SYS® or other bale data acquisition programs.  While building your new press console, our team can also replace your hydraulic pumps with SmartFlow™ Pumps to boost your hourly output.

LECO Burner and ControlsAll you need is a burner or two for your cotton gin?  No problem.  You can get powerful, cost-effective burners with state-of-the-art controls from Lubbock Electric and keep your existing cotton drying system.

  • Available in multiple BTU configurations (4 million, 8 million, and 12 million BTU)
  • Automatically regulates temperature
  • Sized for high volume air flow
  • Equipped with industry-leading flame safety and gas control components
  • More economical than competing burners
  • Compatible with any fiber-conditioning program



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