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Increase Uptime, Enhance Safety, & Reduce Servicing Costs.  Request Pricing & Info Today!

From the module feeder to the battery condenser, there are myriad potential points of failure in a cotton gin that can slow down or completely arrest the flow of cotton.  Lubbock Electric Co. designed our Touch Screen Master Gin Console to give you a complete, bird's eye view of your entire cotton gin.  With fast processor and a large, 32" screen, your team can pinpoint issues immediately and act instantaneously.  The console also offers easy, remote monitoring and troubleshooting, advanced control, and intelligent motor load sensing to reduce the potential for downtime and achieve maximum ginning speed.

Don't want the latest and greatest?  We still produce our legacy push-button consoles for gins that prefer them.

Lubbock Electric is ready to design master controls to fit your gin and your process.  Contact us today to ask questions and request pricing.

Master Gin Console Control At Your Fingertips

Increase Uptime, Enhance Safety, & Reduce Servicing Costs.  Request Pricing Today!

There are many potential points of failure in a cotton gin that can slow down or completely arrest production.  Lubbock Electric Co. designed our Touch Screen Master Gin Console to give you a complete, bird's eye view of your entire cotton gin.  With fast processor and a large, 32" screen, your team can pinpoint issues and react immediately.  The console also offers easy, remote monitoring and troubleshooting, advanced control, and intelligent motor load sensing to reduce potential downtime and achieve maximum ginning speed.

Don't like touch screens? Don't worry.  We still build our legacy push-button consoles.

Lubbock Electric is ready to design a console to fit your gin.  Contact us today to get started.


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Key Features

► One-Screen View of the Entire Gin

Lubbock Electric Co.'s top-of-the-line Gin Console features a 32-inch touch-screen monitor that will display a complete view of your gin on one screen.  There's no need to navigate between screens to access the motor or machine you want to view.  Our design is the only Gin Console on the market that gives you 100% control of your cotton gin from a single view.  Plus, the graphical representation of your gin equipment will simplify training and troubleshooting compared to traditional push-button controls.

► Faster Processing Times & Advanced Cyber Security

Lubbock Electric's Gin Console utilizes the groundbreaking Modicon M580 ePAC from Schneider Electric.  The M580 boasts processing speed up to 5 times greater than the Quantum and Premium series PLCs that came before it.  This means that critical, real-time data will be delivered to your ginners much faster, and they can take action instantaneously.  The M580 is also the first PLC with built-in open ethernet standards, which means that IIoT components can be seamlessly interconnected into your gin control architecture.  Better yet, the M580 offers Achilles Level 2 cyber security protection, which can protect your operations from a range of malicious attacks.

► Operate Every Control From the Module Feeder to the Battery Condenser

Our Gin Console will encompass every motor and every control that your cotton gin requires.  We can incorporate your existing burner controls, moisture controls, module feeder controls, feed control speed pots, auto overflow speed pots, wye valve selector switches, remote seed indicators, and any other devices you are currently using to operate the gin.

► Less Expensive to Service

Our Master Gin Console utilizes current technology and easily sourced parts.  Additionally, our technicians can troubleshoot your console remotely and securely, saving you the time and expense of travel.  What's more, there are far fewer parts to repair or replace compared to push-button consoles.  If an output module or a push button goes bad, the part has to be replaced and rewired into the console.  This is both time-consuming and expensive.  With a new touch screen gin console, you can expect less downtime and less costly servicing compared to older technology. 

► Protect Employees with Two-Touch Motor Control and Emergency Stops

The Master Console's programming will require two-touch confirmation for every motor start for safety, but motors will stop with one-touch also for safety.  This prevents operators from starting the wrong motors by accident and safeguards employees who may be working near the machine started.  The gin console also communicates with all of your emergency stops and alerts the operator if one is triggered.  Moreover, the operator can initiate a system-wide emergency stop from the master console in response to a potential hazard.

► Quick Troubleshooting with Touch Screen Diagnostics

Lubbock Electric's Master Gin Console will alert your team to potential problems in real time, including motor overloads and network errors.  You can also create custom alarm set points around mechanical parameters, like ram pressure or shaft speed.  Plus, our program can monitor Argus Fire Control to notify you of potential fire hazards.  Our lightning-fast Master Gin Console will help ginners respond to problems immediately to minimize gin downtime.

► Enhanced Security with User Privileges

Our Gin Console program offers four different log-in users with varying privileges: Guest, Operator, Supervisor, Remote Manager.  The system defaults to the "Guest" view, which presents the main screen of the gin, but it does not allow the user to take any actions.  This means that an unauthorized person cannot start or stop any of your equipment.  Logging in as an "Operator" allows you to operate every control in the program, and logging in as "Supervisor" allows you to rename motors and adjust default setpoints.  Finally, the "Remote Manager" view gives the gin manager access to every screen (without control of the motors) to monitor your gin's productivity from anywhere in the world. 

► Swivel Monitor Mounts Allow for Comfortable Positioning

Strong Arm swivel mounts for the control monitors enable operators to adjust the position to suit their height and reach.  This means that any operator can have every control at their fingertips without having to take a single step.

► 100% Service Support During Ginning Season

A big reason why many cotton gins use LECO consoles is because they trust that their controls will be serviced in a timely manner during ginning season.  They know that Lubbock Electric is very loyal to the cotton gin industry.  When oil and gas is booming, Lubbock Electric won't leave gins in the dust.  Other manufacturers have chased after other industries, gone out of business, or simply don't support their products.  This will not be the case with Lubbock Electric.  We provide 24/7 emergency service (both remote and on-site) for all of our products during ginning season.  We care about your success and want to maximize your uptime. 

Parmer County Master Gin Console

Retrofits & Upgrades

Not ready to invest in a completely new master gin console?  We understand.  Of course, we want your business to take full advantage of production gains with our state-of-the-art console, but we're here to partner with you and serve your vision.  We will retrofit your existing LECO console with the latest PLC and update your controls software. 

My console works fine.  Why should I upgrade?

We're always proud to hear that products we built over 15 years ago are working perfectly!  That's what we design all of our products to do!  However, PLC obsolescence is out of our control, and it affects your business.  When the manufacturer decides to end production on a PLC series, parts availability becomes very limited within a couple years.  This means that if you encounter a problem with the PLC during ginning season past its obsolescence, you run the risk that it cannot be serviced.  This increases your potential downtime as the only option is to retrofit the console in the middle of ginning.

Older consoles were built with the Modicon Premium and Modicon Quantum series PLCs.  The Premium series recently became obsoleted by the manufacturer, and Schneider Electric has announced plans to obsolete the Quantum series.  Check your consoles for either of the PLCs pictured below.  If your console uses one of these, you should consider upgrading your controls very soon before parts availability becomes a serious business risk.

Obsolete Premium PLC
Obsolete Quantum PLC


What if I don't want 100% touch screen controls?

We understand if you don't have an enclosed control room or prefer traditional push-button consoles.  We can still build a push-button console for your gin with the latest PLC technology so that you can take advantage of faster processing speeds and enhanced security in a format that is comfortable for you and your staff.  Contact the Lubbock Electric team for more information.

Busters Master Gin Console


Client Success Story

Spade Co-op Gin - This is Truly "Our Console!"

"Our main console reached the 'end of useful life' status after the 2019 season. LECO helped us envision, design, and install a new console with touchscreens that will carry us into the future. The process from start to finish we were involved with, and this is truly "our console", with our operation supported by top notch equipment and programming."


- Curtis Stewart, Manager at Spade Co-op Gin

Master Gin Console at Spade Co-op Gin

Product Specifications

Touch Screen Console Components

  • 32 inch Magelis Touch Screen Panels (2)
  • Modicon M580 Programmable Automation Controller
  • Cat 5e Connection to PLC
  • 120V Control Interposing Relays
  • Strong Arm Swivel Display Mounts



Main Screen - A Bird's Eye View of the Gin

Gin Console Main Screen

Ginners can view and control every motor in the cotton gin from the module feeder to the battery condenser on the main screen.  Your entire ginning sequence can be operated from this screen.  Motors are indicated with a green circle when stopped and a red circle when running.  Individual motors can be manually started with a two-touch process to prevent accidents.  All of your gin stands can be controlled right from the main screen as well.


Ginner's Screen - For Precise Control

Gin Console Ginners Screen

From the Ginner's Screen, operators can adjust the speed of the Module Feeder, Steadyflow, Overflow, and Battery Condenser.  This helps you find the "sweet spot" where your gin achieves its maximum productivity.  Once you've ramped up the gin, you can switch to "Auto" mode, and the program will modulate the Steadyflow and Module Feeder to match the speed of your gin stands automatically.  We call this "Cruise Control!"  Ginners can also hold the flow of cotton at the Module Feeder to separate producers' cotton or respond to a problem.


Motor Setup Screen - Rename Motors and Customize Start Sequences

Gin Console Motor Setup

The Motor Setup screen allows operators to set the motor start order in the main ginning sequence.  Motors can be set as "mates" to synchronize their start times.  Also, you can rename motors from this screen quickly and easily.  No need to order a new engraved label for your console!


Motor Interlock Setup Screen

Gin Console Motor Interlock Setup

From the Motor Interlock Setup screen, you can program interlocks that halt a single motor or set of motors when a critical motor stops.


Active Alarm Screen

Gin Console Active Alarms

Active Alarms alert operators to potential issues, including fire hazards, motor overloads, mechanical problems, and communication errors.  This screen helps you identify problems quickly so that they can be corrected right away.


Historical Alarm Screen

Gin Console Historical Alarms

Ginners can refer to the Historical Alarms screen to analyze patterns and identify any underlying issues that may hinder production.